No one ever plans on getting into a crash, but when it happens it can be a very stressful and emotional time. Whether  a crash involves another vehicle, a fixed object or a furry woodland creature, you have the legal right to request a towing company of your choice. You can request Lonsdale Auto Works through the officer, deputy, trooper or dispatch center or you can call us directly at 507-744-3304. Be sure to advise the law enforcement agency that we were called. 


Most of the time the law enforcement agency responding will call for a tow and we are often one of the companies that are called. We provide towing services for the Lonsdale Police Department, Rice County Sheriff's Office and the Minnesota State Patrol. 


If your car is involved in a crash and it is towed, it will be treated with the care that no matter the damage because it is your property and additional or collateral damage is minimized.


We can also provide towing services from other tow lots to a body shop of your choice.


We work with your insurance company to get your car repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Our staff has positive working relationships with all of the area body shops & insurance carriers. 

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